Linksys Velop Wifi

It’s crucial to comprehend how the hardware functions before you start installing your Linksys Velop mesh network system in your home.


In order to give wireless coverage across your entire home, a mesh network consists of many WiFi broadcast stations placed throughout it, all of whose signals overlap with one another. This is very different from previous WiFi, which often only had a single wireless router that was either connected to or incorporated into your Internet provider’s modem. Depending on how big your house is, having service everywhere may be close to impossible as that one router can only transmit WiFi from where it is in your house.

Linksys Velop Wifi Extender Setup

Linksys Velop Wifi Extender Setup | Manual Method

new extender setup
  • First, use an Ethernet wire to join your Linksys router to the primary DSL modem. Additionally, join your MODEM to the primary DSL line.
  • The next step is to attach the devices’ power wires and turn them on. Allow the equipment to start up.
  • The front panel’s power LED will then turn on, and the internet LED will turn solid green. This is a sign that you may now go on to the next step in the procedure.
  • Then navigate to your computer’s wireless networks area and look for the device SSID in the list of accessible networks. When you do, pick the “Connect” button by clicking on it.
  • Enter the default web address in the address bar of the web browser after the computer has been linked to the local device network and hit the Enter key. To reach the Linksys velop login page, use either the standard IP address or the standard web URL https://myrouter.local.
  • Check for any irregularities in the ethernet wires you are utilising if you are unable to access the same. Additionally, confirm that you are connected to the correct network.
  • You will see the areas for inputting the username and password once you arrive at the login screen. Leave the password box unfilled and enter admin in the username field.

Linksys Velop Wifi Extender Setup | WPS Method

Install extender.linksys.setup in WPS mode using the physical WPS button or the internet setup page. The following are the steps to configure the extender using WiFi Protected Setup:


In-depth instructions on how to log in to a Linksys extender using the WPS method:


  • There is a WPS setup button on the side panel of the Linksys Extender.
  • It is necessary to switch on the Linksys Extender range extender.
  • Make WPS your selection.
  • Click the WPS button on your main router immediately away.


Connect the smart devices to the Extender Linksys Setup-xxx network.

Linksys Velop Extender Setup

Linksys Velop Wifi Extender Setup | firmware update


Your extender needs firmware, a combination of hardware and software, to function properly. You’ll receive notifications for firmware upgrades periodically, enabling you to download the most recent security features and bug fixes.


Follow these procedures to update the firmware on a Linksys Extender Setup:


  • Purchase a smartphone, laptop, or other smart gadget.
  • Once it is opened, type into your preferred web browser.
  • To set up your Linksys extender, log in.
  • Select the option for firmware upgrading.
  • There are two ways to advance:
  • routine updating If a newer or more current version of the firmware is available for installation, you can select the Update now option.
  • updated manually: This method requires you to manually download and upload a file from the Linksys website.
  • Go to the menu and select “Save.”
  • Then choose CHECK FOR FIRMWARE.
  • Now select UPDATE from the menu.

Note:- The firmware upgrade file may only be downloaded from the Linksys website