Linksys RE3000w

We will first talk about the Linksys RE3000W configuration before moving on to the N300 extender. A strong, dependable Wi-Fi signal may be established in your home for laptops and smartphones using the N300 to expand the wireless signals of your current modem or router. The RE3000W increases WIFI signals up to 5,000 square feet by extending the signal from the current network to remove dead zones. All modems and routers are fully compatible with the RE3000W.

How to set up my Linksys RE3000w WIFI extender?

Let’s talk about how to configure the Linksys RE3000w WIFI repeater N300 with an extender.

  • Connect your RE3000w to the outlet. and watch for the orange-blinking power lead to appear.
  • Get a smartphone or PC right away, then connect it to the Linksys N300 extension.
  • Open a browser and type into the address box once you are connected.
  • You are currently on the RE3000w Linksys extender configuration page.
  • To connect your booster to your current Wi-Fi router or modem, click the “Start” button and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Linksys RE3000w N300 Extender Setup via WPS method

Discover how to install your repeater using the WPS button by following the steps below:

  • Start the Linksys RE3000w configuration by plugging the N300 near the main router.
  • The RE3000w power led light should now turn on.
  • Press the WPS button on your extension at this time.
  • Press the WPS button on your router if the N300’s green light is blinking.
  • Watch the Linksys WIFI RE3000w light until it turns completely green.
  • Finally, use the N300 repeater to connect any wireless device.
RE3000 Setup

Please contact one of our authorised experts if you need assistance installing your wireless booster.

Linksys RE3000w WIFI Extender Firmware Update

  • Your Linksys N300 RE3000w range extender should be turned on.
  • Add your computer to the RE3000w extender network as well.
  • Launch your computer’s internet browser after that.
  • You are currently on the Linksys RE3000w configuration login screen. Type
  • Once you’ve entered the username and password, log in to your device.
  • You must select the “Choose File” option after tapping the Firmware Upgrade button.
  • Choose the firmware file you downloaded.
  • Select “Start Upgrade” by tapping on it.
  • You must wait till your Linksys N300 has finished upgrading.


As we previously said, there are some problems that can never be resolved by any other methods, thus it is always necessary to reset the extension. Therefore, you must execute the Linksys re3000w reset process, Sir. So let’s start moving.

  • Make sure your extender is turned on and linked to the power source.


  • The reset button is located either on the extender’s bottom or on its rear.


  • Press it in accordance with the extender’s LED behaviour.


This will finish the Linksys re3000w setup’s reset procedure. After finishing, you must restart and reconfigure the extender.

NOTE:- Have any of the aforementioned troubleshooting techniques failed to help you with your problems? Not to worry. If you experience any Linksys RE3000w extender setup issues, get in touch with us.