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Linksys’ Velop line of mesh extenders has Linksys Velop wifi Range Extender Setup recently gained a lot of popularity. Thanks to the multi-satellite configuration, users may completely cover their homes without worrying about bandwidth or speed issues. You’ll find the most assistance from a Velop Mesh WiFi extender if you’re looking for such a solution for your home. Understanding how to configure a Linksys Velop Mesh WiFi extender is also essential. To access the setup wizard and finish the extension setup, go to the instructions in this blog post.



Linksys Velop Extender, PC or smartphone, Ethernet cable(s), broadband modem, and Linksys Velop app (download from Google Play Store/Apple Store).


In addition to this hardware, you would also need to know the default web address and the login details for the setup procedure. These details can be found in the user manual or on the rear panel of the device. You can also use the following details as a guide:


Check to see if the most recent version of the Linksys Velop App is installed on your smartphone. Due to the modular nature of mesh networks, there are Nodes that help with establishing connections to the internet. In a single Linksys Velop Mesh WiFi Extender configuration, there are two additional nodes in addition to the core node. Although it is not required, more nodes will result in the creation of a second network.


As you have finished all preparatory tasks for installing the Linksys Velop mesh, you can now start configuring the main node.

Linksys Velop
  • Open the Linksys Velop app on your smartphone.
  • The “Launch Setup” button will appear when the front window does.
  • The Linksys App will then request the area of your location.
  • Click the Allow button on the notification you see.
  • The setup process can be started by clicking the Agree button.
  • This would also imply that you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned.
  • On the following screen, you will be asked to select the kind of extender you want to install. Velop ought to be selected.
  • Next, enter your router’s configuration in the following box.
  • You’ll notice two options:

“I am switching to a Linksys Velop router to replace my current one,” and “I utilise a MODEM from my ISP.”


“My ISP gave me a gateway that combines a router and a MODEM,” the user said.


Select the appropriate option.


  • The setup window will now display a list of the networks that are reachable.
  • After selecting the one that is a part of your home network, click on connect.
  • After inputting the network password when necessary, click Join.
  • Your primary node will now be linked to the home network.
  • Assign a network name and password to the new extender network.
  • After entering the new SSID and network password, click Save.
  • By selecting the “Copy from router” option, the extender setting will be complete if you want to continue using the login credentials for your primary home router.
  • You may easily add more nodes to the network if you want to by simply following the directions on the app’s user interface.

Are you having trouble configuring your Linksys Velop Mesh wifi extender? You can always reach out to our staff for support.

How Linksys Velop Mesh Networking Operates

Before you begin installing your Linksys Velop mesh network system in your home, it’s important to understand how the gear works.


A mesh network comprises numerous WiFi broadcast stations dispersed across it, all of which signals interact with one another to provide wireless coverage throughout the entire home. In contrast to earlier WiFi, which frequently only had a single wireless router that was either included into or connected to your Internet provider’s modem, this new WiFi has many wireless routers. Since that one router can only transmit WiFi from where it is in your house, obtaining coverage everywhere may be nearly hard depending on how big your house is.


Mesh networks’ important feature of modularity. As a result, in addition to the core Velop Node that is connected to your Internet provider’s modem, your home network will also include up to two “satellite” Linksys Velop nodes that collectively broadcast WiFi. The number of nodes you need will be significantly influenced by the size of your house. Linksys offers choices for homes ranging in size from 1500 to 6000 square feet. These distances are simply estimates, and other factors could change the number of Velop nodes you need to ensure a strong WiFi signal over your entire property.

"Node" the Main Development in your programme.

  • When the Linksys App is open, the option to begin setup may be found at the bottom.
  • Linksys will request authorization before using location data. Choose Allow.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions in their entirety. When you’re ready to move forward and are in agreement, click Agree.
  • The question will be what kind of router are you configuring. Choose Velop.
  • Choose the parameters that are currently in place.
  • I’m replacing the modem that comes with my current ISP with a Linksys Velop router.
  • My ISP provided me with a Gateway, which combines a modem and router.
  • Click It’s Plugged In as soon as your Velop Node is connected.
  • After placing the node in an open area, choose It’s In the Open.
  • Once you have connected your new Velop router to your modem with an Ethernet connection, click It’s Connected.
  • Your smartphone will start configuring your Internet connection as soon as your new Router and smartphone are linked.
  • Purple light comes from your Velop Node. Once modified, select Next.
  • Enter your email address and create a password to manage your Velop network. Click Establish Account next.
  • Type in your new password and email address, then select Next to log into your newly created account.
  • You must provide the name and password for your Wi-Fi network. It is recommended that you select a password for administration that is distinct from the one you just typed.
  • After selecting or providing a name for this develop node, click Next.
  • Your initial node has been configured and is ready for use. Choose Next.

A Secondary Development "Node"

  • Up to two Velop Nodes, each of which transmits WiFi, can be placed inside your home. Using the Linksys app, you can rapidly add a new node whenever you want once your Velop network is up and running.
  • In the Linksys app, click Menu in the top-left corner.
  • There should be a new product setup.
  • After placing the node in an open area, choose It’s In the Open.
  • Your smartphone will start configuring your Internet connection as soon as your new Router and smartphone are linked.
  • Your Velop Node’s light will turn purple. Once modified, select Next.
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