How To Connect Linksys Velop

We will walk you through every configuration option for the Linksys AC2200 extender on this page. Your house or workplace will no longer have a dead zone thanks to Linksys AC2200. With this Linksys AC2200 extender configuration, your coverage is improved to around 2000 square feet. Your extension gives you a quick, strong signal, streaming HD movies, and gaming.

Linksys AC2200 extender setup | Manual method

  • Take any available gadget.
  • In the same room, bring your booster.
  • Then, use an Ethernet wire to connect your device to the extender.
  • Now, insert your Linksys AC2200 into a wall outlet.
  • Type in the address bar
  • Your smartphone will display the login page.
  • Click Login after entering your default username and password.
ac2200 Setup Extender

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Linksys AC2200 Extender setup | WPS method

Wireless networks use the security standard known as WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup). To configure your Linksys AC2200 extender for WPS setup, follow these instructions.

AC2200 Setup
  • First, open the Linksys AC2200 box.
  • Connect to an electrical outlet.
  • Ensure that your extension and router are situated in the same space.
  • The orange light will then become green after two minutes.
  • On your router and AC2200 extender, click the WPS button.
  • Wait until the WPS is completely green.
  • It shows that the configuration of your Linksys AC2200 extender was successful.

How to update linksys Velop AC2200 firmware?

It is strongly advised that you download the most recent firmware for your Linksys AC2200 to obtain improved wifi speed. Follow these instructions to upgrade the firmware on a Linksys Extender:

  • Utilise an Ethernet wire to link your device to your AC2200 extender.
  • Check to make sure your booster is not plugged into your router.
  • Activate any web browser.
  • Type into the address bar.
  • On your device, you may now see the login page.
  • Enter your login information.
  • click the login button after that.
AC1200 Extender Setup

Note:- You may get in touch with our specialists via a toll-free phone and live chat if you’re still having issues with the firmware.

How to reset Linksys Velop AC2200?

When a user can’t recall his admin password and wishes to regain it, a factory reset is the procedure that is often used. All of your unique information, including your password, username, and SSID, will be deleted when you reset Linksys AC2200, preparing your extender for the fresh setup procedure. Let’s see how the factory reset procedure is carried out.

ac2200 Setup Extender

Follow the instructions below to reset Linksys AC2200:


  • Turn on your Linksys AC2200 first.
  • Locate the booster’s factory reset button.
  • A toothpick is handy.
  • Press and hold the factory reset button with a toothpick for 10 seconds.
  • The LED will flicker after a short period of time, and your booster will restart itself.
  • You may now begin the new installation procedure on your extension.

You may do a factory reset on your Linksys AC2200 in this manner. You may get in touch with us by calling our qualified specialists at our toll-free number or by using live chat if you need assistance with any procedure. We are available around-the-clock to fix any problem.